Our office has been located in Denver, Colorado since 1971. During this time, we have supplied material for projects on State, Federal, and private jobs.  We have been involved in projects in Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, Illinois, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Oregon, Kansas, Missouri, Hawaii, Alaska, and Texas. Our longtime in business has allowed us the opportunity to become familiar with many types of material (see product list) and therefore are able to offer and discuss options that may be available.

Permanent Stay-in-Place Metal deck form System – a deck slab forming aid for bridges. This system may be used whether the bridge is built with steel or concrete girders. Material for this system includes the SIP deck forms a well as support angle, self-tapping-tek-screws and a Submittal package. When concrete girders are used, concrete inserts will ship directly to the girder mfr. When steel girders are used, hold down clips and tension flange bars will ship with the other material where the Contractor directs. When desired or required the following may also be supplied: 1) Foam flute filler and adhesive to fill the deck form corrugations which lessens the additional concrete weight the system adds. 2) A PE Seal can be furnished with the Submittal package. 3) Closure angle for bridges on a skew or if/where deck forms are cut to fit. 4) Flange angle which protect steel girders from welding splatter.

Welded Steel Pipe, painted or coated if/as required, as well various accessories for Aerial Crossings including Insulators and End Seals, Hangers, Thread Rod, embeds, & mounting hardware, as well as any Couplers if needed.

Fabricated Steel Pipe Deck Drains and accessories including Scuppers and Grates (whether fabricated or mfr. specified), hangers, clean outs, couplings, pipe funnels, Tees, anvil figures, hanger bars, elbows, thread rods, galvanized or painted as specifications require as well as all mounting hardware & embeds.

Intermediate Steel Diaphragms including beams, flange and beam plates as needed, hot dip galvanized as well as zinc plated mounting hardware per specifications.

All other states we supply only the Stay-In-Place Permanent Metal deck forming system as described above.